Pharma C Investments Plc

An Investment Vehicle set up to identify and pursue opportunities and acquisitions in companies to specifically take advantage of the burgeoning commercial and dynamic regulatory environment surrounding legal medicinal cannabis.

Investment Strategy

Pharma C Investments will focus on identifying promising investment opportunities in the medicinal cannabis sectors not just in Europe but in markets globally, in particular the United Kingdom and EMEA, with a specific focus on Israel, which is renowned as a global leader in cannabis and where the Board has significant expertise. Pharma C is targeting its investment to countries which are internationally recognised as having well-developed and reputable laws and regulations for the research and production of medicinal cannabis and that comply with the UN Narcotic Conventions.

The Company’s initial focus will be on investment opportunities supporting the development of a comprehensive regulated and de-regulated supply chain, in particular for the medical profession and healthcare practitioners. In addition to this, Pharma C will also consider opportunities in sales and marketing of medicinal cannabis, its production, testing and compliance and research.